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Maira Lima Jewelry

Hello Engagement season, we are full steam ahead and have you covered with Nashville hottest new jewelry designer! No more shopping around in the big stores with the bright lights and pushy sales people. Who wants to be pressured into buying overpriced diamonds that the next person that walks in could buy as well? Well I don’t, and I am sure you don’t want to run into someone with the same ring either.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered! You might think you have seen all the designs and style, however I guarantee that you will be blown away by the most unique, stunning and un-traditional rings we are bringing you today! It does not matter about what is in style or the hottest trends, it’s about creating a trend all of your own.


Sarah and Maira Lima chatting on an ottoman


If you have heard of Maira Lima Jewelry then give yourself a pat on the back, and if not you better drop what you are doing and go see her! She owns Platinum Jewelers in Green Hills (Nashville TN) next to the Blue Bird Café.  She has been designing jewelry professionally for 8 years and opened the cutest boutique over a year ago where you can create anything you imagine.   

I not only have the pleasure of knowing this beautiful lady personally but also getting to work with her on amazing photo shoots like this one to see all her pretty little creations, laugh a lot and dress my hands in lots of diamonds.  


Diamond Engagement rings stacked on Sarah's fingers


Maira specializes in bespoke fine jewelry, literally if you can dream it, she can create it.  She is knowledgeable in every style you can possibly imaging for creating the second most important decision of your life (besides choosing your better half).  For you non traditional brides out there, the various metals like rose gold are still very popular along with stacking rings on top of rings (which is my favorite) by the time I am 80 I will have a finger full! ? LOL!

Not every ring looks as good on a finger as it does in a display case, that is why a custom designer can save you time, money and any disappointment later down the road. With a bit of guidance, you don’t have to invest to much time in trying on every ring in the cabinet or sweating over making the decisions.


Stack of diamond rings in a mauve velvet ring box


Shorten your choices, pick a budget and choose a center stone first – this is typically this the most expensive and most important part of the ring.  It’s great to work with Maira as she will talk you through the important questions, and it’s okay if you do not know a thing about diamonds because SHE DOES!  

She will research the biggest , brightest and most beautiful diamond for any budget! This is a process as it should be in creating something you will wear forever. I say it’s like building a house just in 2 to 3 weeks instead of a year! First you go through ideas and inspirations, create a drawing or design, select from the options, make some modifications to the design and then the building starts!


Display of mixed metal diamond rings on a wedding veil


Regardless if you are looking for rose gold rings, silver or fashion pieces, jump on the bandwagon of creating something unique and customized that will make your special person stand out in any crowd!



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