Sarah arranges cognac leather pillows on a white duvet

Southern Vine & Co. Home Collection

Why Pillows? We love designing homes with clean neutral aesthetic while accessorizing with elements like blankets, art and pillows for that added texture and pop of color that you can change out year round.

Pillows don’t just need to be that thing you throw on a chair or sofa they should be an accessory that stands out and adds that extra layer to your room that accentuates a color or pattern you may love (while being comfortable). There is something about a down filled pillow that just sits right and makes the biggest difference in stability and comfort.  We fell in love with the idea of carrying our own hand-picked higher quality pillow line especially since it is something we use on every design job and can make or break a design.

Our Home Collection of pillows are a blend of luxury feather and down quality feathers, flax linens, hand embroidered materials, hand dyed fabrics, Genuine leathers, natural linen backs and hidden zippers.   Each and every one of our handpicked pillows reflect our aesthetic and patterns/colors that are that perfect pair or can shine just on their own. Check out our new upcoming styles that we just can’t get enough of for this year’s palette!


White Leather

Yes I said white leather! Most of the time when you hear white leather a 1970’s movie comes into your head.  Well White leather in the right way is making a comeback and we are all about it. These White leather Pillows are in our top three for 2019 and mix great with other textures and patterns.   

Leather Davis - 22x22   Kara Natural - 18x18   Kado Natural - 18x18

Davis White Leather, Kara Natural, Kado Natural Pillows


Shades of blue

While navy blue is an accent color I don’t think will ever go out of style,  we love all shades of blue and mixing them together.

Marni Indigo 22x22   Lassen Indigo - 18x18   Macie Stone Grey 22x22

Marni Indigo, Lassen Indigo, Macie Grey Pillows


Warm tones of Cognac

This color is one of our favorite colors to mix with our natural palettes to give it that more modern mix with a hint of masculinity to it.  You will see a lot of our hand picked fabrics in this beautiful shade as it is one to stay in Southern Vine & Co.’s design bag!

Cognac Brea - 22x22   Mesa Toffee 20x20   Willow Toffee 20x20

Cognac Brea, Mesa Toffee, Willow Toffee Pillows


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