Modern Trousseau

Its all about the dresses in 2019 that make you feel so good in your skin you never want to take them off!

When I wanted to write a blog on wedding dresses & the right way to buy one, I had one place in mind. I cannot speak highly enough about Modern Trousseau – Not just the beautiful store that you walk into and feel like you are in a cloud, but the modern, multi-cultural & utterly beautiful wedding dresses they have lined up for you to adorn yourself in. It’s the celebration of the beauty of all women’s bodies that makes this place so magical and helps you to feel like you can trust their opinion on making you look your best.

Do you remember when you got married and looked for a wedding dress? I do. And I will tell you it was exhausting – I swear I tried on a thousand wedding dresses – or it felt like that before I found one that I loved – because someone was looking at my budget and not my body type.  You should NEVER feel like that when you are buying something that you will look back on for the rest of your life! Dress styles and trends go in and out all the time, but that does not mean that you should not look back at your dress and remember how amazing it made you feel.  Trust me, if you feel good in it, everyone will know it!


Sarah and Friends at Modern Trousseau


Since I was married almost 9 years ago, I really wanted to dive in and get the first hand experience of what it was like to dress shop in this decade. I grabbed a few bottles of champagne, my favorite photographer Melanie Grady and my two besties. I am sure they all though I was nuts, but hey, when I would ever get the chance to try on a wedding dress again? This was the perfect opportunity for me. HAHA!

There is not one body the same in this world! Big, small, wide hips, small breast or a big butt, there is that perfect dress out there for everyone, and we found  “The best kept secret in bridal” for it!


Lace dress on dress form at Modern Trousseau


Callie Tein designer of Modern Trousseau dresses lives in New Haven, CT (originally from Australia). She and her husband, David, run the company and really do keep it family owned and operated.

They not only customize dresses designed by Callie but create their own dresses as well.  This way no matter what you love or hate about something it can be fit to what you want and not at a high ticket price. We had that first hand experience with some of their dresses – adding layers, doubling up a dresses or adding in simple belt to create a totally different look that is customized just for you. They do not pick dresses “in your budget” as they do not put price tags on anything, but instead they create a dress that is perfect for you, your body type and to fit with the style of your wedding.


Sarah models gown with a dramatic back and bow at Modern Trousseau


Most of their dresses start at about $2,500 and go up from there, but when you have the service and choices that are endless with Modern Trousseau, every penny spent is well worth it.  You should not have to go to ten different wedding dress shops, but find the one shop you can trust and create a memorable experience that you will not regret! I tried on three wedding dresses and was stumped on all of them as they were completely different styles, but they all fit right just where they needed to, and I felt incredible in all of them. That is how it should be – you should not feel exhausted after trying on wedding dresses.That Carrie Bradshaw moment from Sex in the City should come out with the biggest grin on your face when you find the dress you love. I had such an incredible day that I never wanted to end, and hey, who knows we all three might be seeing a vow renewal in our futures with one of these beautiful dresses and might just have to make another day of it!

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